Adam Milstein Transforms Humanitarianism

Would you invest your hard earned money in a project that won’t yield much other than help people? Well, there are those who get satisfaction and fulfillment from such ventures. Adam Milstein together with his wife, Gila Milstein has chosen to dedicate their time and resources for acts of philanthropy. From an early age, Adam Milstein did show great attributes of an entrepreneur and desire to bring together the Israel nation.

He worked closely with his father at the family’s real estate and construction firm. Adam Milstein precisely helped the business expand, and by the time he was done with undergraduate studies in the United States, he knew his area of passion. Hager Pacific Properties hired him as their Sales Representative, but he would later work hard to merit promotion. He is currently the Managing Partner at HPP and contact him.

Adam Milstein has for long had the desire to homely make the relations of Israel with other nations especially the United States where he relocated to. He always yearned to an age where the student could be taught the Jewish culture and heritage and understands their identity as Jews despite living in foreign land. He has aggressively lobbied for support in the Pro – Israel Advocacy to strengthen the Israelites and foster good co-existence with the United States.


About Adam Milstein

Adam is first a businessman, then a philanthropist. He has left a global mark for his patriotism and loved of his People and will for all people to live harmoniously. He was born in Israel though later moved to the United States where he currently lives. Adam Milstein’s loyalty to Israel leads him to join the Israel Defense Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur war and more information click here.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and Israel – American Council, are the dream come true foundations that have helped him connect with the State of Israel. The students and young people have been educated on their Jewish identity, and up to date, there are good relationships between the United States and Israel. Adam has helped counter ills that were directed to the Israel nation. He studied at Technion, then mastered at the University of California and what Adam knows.

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