Academy of Art University Alum Shows Her Stuff on Bachelor

Education, it’s much more than learning dry facts or mastering the intricacies of science and mathematics. The true goal of higher learning is fostering the creativity inside students and driving them to create, innovate and explore new and amazing possibilities. The Academy of Art University in San Francisco creates the ideal learning environment for doing just that.

Now, students and faculty are watching the adventures of alum Kendall Long and her new love interest on the hit TV show, Bachelor in Paradise. Her poise and comfort in front of the camera make it clear she knows how to make good use of the skills and experiences Kendall gained in her time on campus. She’s a fan favorite from earlier seasons of The Bachelor and now, everyone at the Academy of Art University is rooting for each week along with millions of viewers.

 Breeding Ground for Creativity

Kendall and Grocery Store Joe are playing down in Mexico even as the next generation of students work hard learning and growing back on campus. Founded in 1929 as a school for advertising art, the university grew and expanded its focus over the years. Today, Academy of Art University is one of the city’s largest landowners hosting over 12,000 students.

The curriculum focused on creative arts, design and communication empower students with the tools needed for advancement in their studies at undergraduate and graduate levels. Many classes and workshops are taught by industry experts working in the arts, graphic design, animation and more. This gives students the benefit of real-world experience for determining the career path best for them.

 In the Spotlight

Will Kendall and Grocery Store Joe find lasting love in paradise? The folks back on campus at Academy of Art University will learn along with everyone else on quick breaks from their studies. Kendall is living her dream, now. It could well be one of her classmates in the spotlight next.

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