A New Spin on Parent/Teacher Conferences

For many years the only way a parent may know what a child is doing in school is by receiving papers and notes the child brings home and waiting on the quarterly parent/teacher conference where you just have a few minutes to go over the last few months of the child’s education with the teacher. This can make it feel like there is some communication lost between parent and teacher alike, but those things are changing. ClassDojo is an app that is changing the world of communication in the educational environment by allowing parents, teachers and students to have more access to each other than ever before.

This allows parents to see their child in the classroom like never before. Being able to be a part of the child’s education in a more interactive way can help the parents to feel like they are a part of this process and therefore can continuing this at home. This app enables teachers to reach out to parents and include them in part of the child’s education which only leads to the continuity of the child’s education and benefits the child in the long run.

Students are able to showcase their work by adding photos and videos to their very own portfolios for the parents to see. Teachers and parents can privately message each other which opens up the communication lines between them and helps to enhance the learning experience for the child.

Class Dojo is now in about two-thirds of classrooms all across the United States and this number is growing. Many classrooms have already benefited from this app and have opened the communication lines between the school and the parents. When parents and teachers can connect in a way regarding the child’s education it only makes the child feel more confident in learning and it also helps address any areas where the child may need some extra help.

The photos and videos that are shared only help the parents feel more connected to their child as their child is learning and the calendar of events helps the parents be even more connected to the school.

ClassDojo is certainly changing the way parents and teachers communicate in a positive way.

  1. Scarlet Solomon

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