A Lifeline Screening Could Save Your Life

Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance if someone has major health diseases. Imagine if individuals could take a test that may warn of, even prevent, an impending stroke or heart attack. The fantastic news is the everyone can get a Lifeline Screening. This service is easy, uses non-invasive tests and could literally save lives. Over 8 million people have already taken advantage of this low-cost testing. People with high risks of certain diseases or cancers should schedule their appointment right away. There are testing sites in many cities across this country. Most doctors also recommend this kind of testing for people over the age of 55, and those that have a family history for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and stroke.

The preparation for a Lifeline Screening is a breeze. People should fast for four hours just prior to their Lifeline Screening appointment. Four hours before testing, the individual should eat a light meal, avoiding greasy of high-sugar foods. During fasting, individuals are allowed to drink a 1/2 cup of either coffee or tea. A moderate amount of water during the fast is also allowed if individual becomes thirsty. Prior to leaving for appointment, individuals should dress in loose, comfortable clothes.

At your appointment, a receptionist will check you in and give you paperwork to fill out. A professional phlebotomist will take your blood. The tests performed will depend on your health history, age and other factors. This may include fibrillation screening-using non-painful electrodes, abdominal aortic aneurysm ultrasound scan, peripheral artery disease testing-blood pressure cuffs on limbs, diabetes testing, lung tests for COPD and cancer, liver function testing, vitamin D deficiency testing and more. Your testing will be customized for your specific needs. All of the tests are noninvasive and completely pain-free.

During your appointment, staff will also check your height and weight. A bone density test will also be performed. Everything will be thoroughly explained, and a staff member will go over your risk factors. Blood results are available right away, and the rest are mailed within 21 days. Schedule a Lifeline Screening today.

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