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Eric Lefkofsky: The Man of Hope

Posted by in Business, Healthcare Recruitment

Eric Lefkofsky is the renaissance man of the business world. It rare to find someone like Eric with such a diverse portfolio of success. For years, Eric has created lucrative business deals that made him into the success that he is today. Eric holds the distinction of being listed on the Forbes billionaire list multiple…

Mr. Bruno Fagali – The Great, Experienced Brazilian Lawyer

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Mr. Bruno Fagali is an expert in administrative law and also an expert in administrative law. He is a compliance expert at FGV. Mr. Bruno Fagali is a Bachelor in Law from PUC. He is also the coordinator of the ethics committee and advertising agencies of the Brazilian business institute. Mr. Bruno Fagali is the…

Litigation is Not Always a Law Suit and Karl Heideck Specializes in Knowing the Difference

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As an Attorney who specializes in risk management and compliance practices, Karl Heideck knows very well how the litigation process works. Karl Heideck has been a practicing Attorney in the Greater Philadelphia area, for the past 10 years. He has great achievement within legal writing law, corporate and business law, as well as employment law….

Who Is the Year’s Best Rookie Running Back Not Drafted in the First Round?

Posted by in Fantasy Sports

The 2017 NFL player draft continued a decade-long trend where running backs were not a spotlight in the first round. There have been a few exceptions like Zeke Elliott last year, and Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch 10 years ago, but for the most part, first round running backs have a strong tendency to be…

Patty Rocklage Stands for Strong Family Values and Giving

Posted by in Activism, Women in Business

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychiatric therapist based in Sudbury, MA. For over twenty years, she has been providing marriage counseling and general family therapy in the greater Boston area. The family unit is a complex social group that has diverse physical, emotional and spiritual requirements. Family therapy aims to strengthen the relationships between members…

How The OSI Group Became A Billion Dollar Company

Posted by in Food Business

Throughout the world, America is renowned for the opportunities they provide. Oftentimes, these success stories involve businesses starting from very little, then expanding into a multi-billion dollar operation. Therefore, the OSI Group is no exception. The OSI Group is an American company that specializes in meat processing. Typically, the OSI Group provides its services to…


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