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Understanding Cleansing Conditioners | WEN By CHAZ

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There are tins of hair care brands producing cleansing conditioners nowadays. But, only a few of them can deliver as they promise. The first if such is WEN By CHAZ. That is why they are interested in educating you all about the cleansing conditioners, how they work and their benefits. A Brief On Cleansing Conditioners…

Securus Technologies Provides Convenience During Christmas

Posted by in Communication Tool, Video Chat

If you have a loved one in a correction facility, then you know that one of the most difficult things is to keep in touch regularly. It can become challenging during the festive season when you do not have enough time to schedule frequent visits. The video visitation program created by Securus can change things…

Meet the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group Companies

Posted by in Leadership

In mid l2016, the Capital group announced that Tim Armour was to take over the leadership of the company. This was after the death of the then chairman and CEO James Rothenberg. For a long time, Timothy Armour served as the vice chairman to Mr. Rothenberg. After his death, Tim was the most qualified successor….


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