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IAP Worldwide Services Assists Around The Globe

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When a community is hit with strife in the world today, they need the assistance that only a company like IAP Worldwide Services can provide. They may need help with humanitarian efforts, advanced healthcare and technological advances in order to get back producing what they need to. When IAP takes on a mission, they don’t…

SEC Whistleblower Exposes Vast Corruption in U.S. Investment Industry

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Sadly, the United States may not be the national paragon of virtue that once drew millions of immigrants to its shores. Juan Cole lists 10 reasons why the United States is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The SEC recently announced a $17 million dollar award to an anonymous whistleblower who detailed…

A New Spin on Parent/Teacher Conferences

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For many years the only way a parent may know what a child is doing in school is by receiving papers and notes the child brings home and waiting on the quarterly parent/teacher conference where you just have a few minutes to go over the last few months of the child’s education with the teacher….


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