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How the SEC Encourages The Public to Report Activities of Fraudulent Companies

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The Securities and Exchange Commission currently has a program that protects whistleblowers by offering them job security and a monetary reward when they offer useful information on fraudulent activities of various organizations. This program was created after the transformation of the laws of the finance sector in 2010 after the Congress approved the Wall Street…

George Soros Wants to Save the Economy of Ukraine

Posted by in EU Crisis

The invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s forces was denounced on a global scale. However, that has not stopped Putin from continuing to do as he pleases regarding Ukraine. The invasion has had a horrible impact on the Ukrainian economy. In fact, the situation has become so dire that billionaire George…

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions

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  Richard Blair, through his organization Wealth Solutions, Inc. aims to offer high net worth individuals assistance. He offers his services as a qualified insurance professional and wealth investment manager as the sole owner of Wealth Solutions Inc. based out of Austin, Texas. For the past two decades, Richard Blair has been offering advisor services,…


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