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Direct Sales has been Improved by Talk Fusion

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Talk Fusion is an online platform that has immensely changed the marketing strategies used by the various firms. Talk Fusion was founded and being managed by CEO Bob Reina, who recently celebrated his birthday. Innovation and the growth of technology are the major focus when it comes to creating better business relationships. Talk Fusion has dedicated…

The Benefits of Using Skout

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Skout is a global platform that has become a popular social media app that is being used by individuals around the world for the purpose of connecting with new people who come from diverse backgrounds. With being introduced into over 180 different countries, people have been able to randomly connect with others around the world…

Stephen P. Murray: The Passing of CCMP’s CEO’s Biggest Heart

Posted by in Boston College

Life is truly bittersweet and not many can deny that truth. Many have had to face this fact, like those close to Stephen P. Murray. Steve P. Murray is the former president and CEO of private equity firm of CCMP Capital. It was not long ago that Murray passed away; he was just 52 years…

“Silent Majority” dissent grows loud

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Intrepidly stepping into the fray of raucous protestors blocking her exit; a middle aged women fitting the mold of a traditional American WASP defiantly proclaims her free expression: Trump. The event to follow and editorial implications thereof would be plastered on televisions nationwide, serving as fuel for Donald Trump’s reputation – something not even an…

Technology is applied through ClassDojo to promote Learning

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Communication between children, parents and teachers has been made easier thanks to ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an application that uses photos and video to enable the parents and educators to communicate quickly. It is a platform that is used by teachers to share what is happening at school to the parents. ClassDojo is a platform that…

Athleisure Is Taking The World By Storm

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Fabletics is a brand of clothing that allows women to be comfortable, but yet have the feel and the comfort of workout clothing. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson realized that there were many different luxurious brands of clothing, but none of them had style and high-quality materials that were affordable. Hudson worked…


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