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Understanding the DeVos Family and School Choice

Posted by in Activism

Wealthy Family Dynasties and their Influence The topic of school choice and the role that the wealthy dynasty families play in it does make people wonder about the influence that their overall role plays amongst society. It appears that the well-known dynasty family names come up quite often in the news along with their powerful…

Queens of Soap Make a Splash with Queens of Drama

Posted by in Television

Betrayal. Secret Affairs. Untimely Death. Steamy Love Scenes. The stars of the American soap opera certainly know a thing or two about drama. In fact, some soap stars are hoping their years playing the characters we love to hate will help them create the next smash, television hit. In the new reality-drama series, Queens of…

Thor Halvorssen Endorses Sanders On Live Fox News Interview

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights

It’s dangerous when leading Republican candidates for president approach the media to say that they wish the president of United States, Barack Obama, would behave more like Vladimir Putin of Russia. Vladimir Putin is a well known human rights violator and has commandeered the Russian government to become a dictator even though he calls himself…

How Melissa Click Is Repairing Her Image

Posted by in Digital Marketing, Public Relations

Nothing is worse than having a job that gives you full benefits, great opportunities, and a job that you enjoy having. For the unlucky few who have to lose their job in front of millions of people, the harmful effects of their mistakes can traumatize both their career and their normal life. When you make…

Healthcare Staffing Professional Brian Torchin Combines Elite Reputation with Worldwide Client Base

Posted by in Healthcare Recruitment

Brian Torchin, Owner and President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC, has an esteemed reputation amongst his peers. Known as a detail-oriented, positive leader, Mr. Torchin’s years of experience in recruiting, staffing, career coaching, career counseling, and job coaching has translated into off-the-charts success for himself and his company. A graduate of the University of…


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